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4 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier on a Budget


You’d think that eating healthy meals would be cheaper than takeout. However, organic ingredients cost a pretty penny. They’re also difficult to keep fresh; if you don’t use them quickly or know how to store them, you wind up throwing money away.

So how do you take care of yourself and your family without breaking the bank? You’ll need to be strategic about the way you shop and cook. Try out some of these easy ways to eat healthier on a budget.

Create a Menu

It’s hard to stick to a budget if you don’t have a plan. You’re more likely to overspend if you don’t already have options at home. Creating a menu will give you a blueprint to follow while grocery shopping and whipping up meals.

First, come up with a few breakfast, lunch, and dinner options everyone will enjoy. Then, break these meals down into individual ingredients. Try and create a menu using things you already have to cut your grocery bill down even further.

Make Batch Meals

People often opt for fast food if they don’t have something readily available. If you want to eat healthier on a budget, consider making batch meals instead. Buy cheap ingredients in bulk and freeze leftovers to get more longevity out of your recipes.

Some cheap yet healthy meal prep ideas include:

  • Beans and rice
  • Vegetable stir fry
  • Lasagna
  • Chicken sausage casserole

Buy Cheaper Proteins

It’s no secret that eating healthy comes at a price. Expensive proteins are filling but don’t have a place in everyone’s budget. However, you can still make delicious food without gourmet ingredients; you just need to pick cheaper proteins.

Instead of a ribeye, purchase grass-fed ground beef. Make a surf and turf out of shrimp or cod rather than lobster or crab. Chicken is always accessible, easy to cook, and goes with everything; season everything to your heart’s content, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Purchase Seasonal Produce

It’s easier to access certain fruits and vegetables depending on your location and time of the year. Seasonal, local produce is cheaper because it’s abundant. You’re also not paying for extensive transportation.

Stock up on apples, herbs, bell peppers, and tomatoes during the summer. When temperatures drop, buy squash, onions, and potatoes. If you can’t use all your ingredients before they go bad, stick them in the freezer to extend their life.

Pack a lunch of leftovers to have at work instead of going out. Get into couponing for massive savings. Your budget shouldn’t keep you from enjoying good food, so design a system that works for your family.

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