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Housing Grants Provide Homes for Elderly and Low-Income Residents In Tennessee

Cumberland County Economic Development
Cumberland Regional Development Corporation (CRDC), through the Upper Cumberland Development District, has been busy since 1996 to find affordable housing for the elderly and for
low-income residents in Tennessee. Funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has enabled them to complete housing projects throughout several counties in Tennessee.

Many of the projects that CRDC has been involved with are known as HUD 202, which is affordable housing for the elderly, and HUD 811, housing for people with disabilities. One of their recent projects provided an 18-unit apartment complex in Smithville for the elderly, anyone 62 years old or older who also met income guidelines.

In addition,CRDC is providing housing for caregivers and their children. Under HUD's new program called intergenerational housing, low-income and even homeless residents caring for dependent children may be qualified for affordable housing under this low-income housing program.

CRDC provides housing for intergenerational families, low-income and disabled seniors, but the agency also uses grant funds to rehabilitate houses. Once the homes are renovated, they are used as rental units or are sold at lower than market rates. All of these efforts have provided safe, affordable housing for low-income residents in ten counties throughout Tennessee.

For more information, visit www.ucdd.org/crdc.htm

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