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Canada's Economic Action Plan Funds Low-Income Housing

Canada's Economic Action Plan
Canada's Economic Action Plan, the federal government's plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs, is investing $176 million under the amended Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Program Agreement to build 60 apartment units at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) building on Isabel Street. The project represents the support of both federal and Province of Manitoba governments to improve the overall housing conditions for low-income families in Manitoba.

The building was formerly an apartment complex that has been redesigned to house low-income families with two to ten members. The new apartments include 12 one-bedroom, 24 two-bedroom and 24 three-bedroom units. The purpose of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) building is to provide secure, affordable apartments to new families moving to Manitoba for up to three years. The IRCOM program includes help for immigrants with not only housing but also employment, education, and resources to health services.

The Government of Canada, along with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), is investing approximately $2 billion in housing this year, most of which supports almost 605,000 low-income households with affordable housing. Approximately 40,700 of those households live in Manitoba.

The goal of the Government of Canada is to complete 1,500 new affordable homes over a period of five years. These new homes will help low-income residents as well as the homeless, seniors, persons with disabilities, recent immigrants and Aboriginal people.

For more information, visit www.cmhc.gc.ca/en/inpr/afhoce/index.cfm

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