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Low Income Housing Doesn't Have to Look Like Low Income Housing!

New Hope Housing
A low income housing apartment building in Houston, Texas

It started with a helping hand but ended up a commitment by Joy Horak-Brown, executive director of New Hope Housing in Houston, Texas. The company began in 1993 and opened their first single-unit apartments to low-income residents of Houston in 1997. Now Executive Director Joy Horak-Brown joined the company shortly after. Why? It was the quality of the units that engaged her interest and won her over.

Making low income residents proud of where they live

As Ms. Horak-Brown explains, "We want people to be proud of where they live. We want Houston to be proud of our units." Although she had no plans to work in the non-profit sector, after being encouraged to take a look at the units being built, she was hooked. Since that time, the company has raised more than $80 million to fund its mission to build single-occupancy units for Houston's low-income residents, providing housing for more than 8,000 people.

Units win architectural awards

The design of the units is simple but efficient and with a contemporary look. In fact, the units have continuously won awards for their architecture. The units are small--from 275-325 square feet--and rent for about $450 a month. The price includes utilities, cable and Wi-Fi. Those who occupy the units include all sorts of low income such as the formerly homeless, minimum wage earners, and elderly on fixed incomes. But, as Horak-Brown states, "We serve a population that hasn't seen that much dignity so we want to do everything we can."

For more information on Hew Hope Housing, and how to qualify and apply for housing, visit www.newhopehousing.com/about.html

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