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Top 10 Wealthiest Black Communities in America

Wealthy Black Man

The wealthiest black communities are located across America. From East coast to West, here are the top 10 wealthiest black communities in the U.S., as recently published by Atlanta Blackstar.

#1 - View Park-Windsor Hills, California - this large middle-to-upper-class black community comes in at number one, with an average family income of $159,168.

#2 - Baldwin Hills, California - another upscale California community ranks second, with an average family income of $157,033. In fact, this community is called The Black Beverly Hills of California.

#3 - Ladera Heights, California - this stunning community, located near beaches and Hollywood, California, ranks number 3, with an average family income of $132,824.

#4 - Mitchellville, Maryland - this East coast community has an average family income of $118,022. It has excellent schools, a graduation rate of 80 percent, and most students go on to colleges like nearby Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and the U.S. Naval Academy.

#5 - Fort Washington, Maryland - this community is located just south of Washington D.C. and has an average family income of $114,243.

#6 - Kettering, Maryland - Kettering's population is 78.5 percent African-American, and the average family income for this town is $107,008.

#7 - Woodmore, Maryland - this community is largely African American and has a median family income of $103,438.

#8 - Friendly, Maryland - this upper/middle-class black community makes the top 10 list with a median family income of $82,827.

#9 - Hillcrest, New York - this prosperous middle-class black community also makes the top 10 list with a median family income of $76,960.

#10 - Uniondale, New York - this New York suburb is recognized as one of the most flourishing African-American cities in the United States with a median family income of $76,553.

Read more about these affluent, African-American communities at www.atlantablackstar.com/2014/01/03/10-richest-black-communities-america/

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