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McDonald's Finally Agrees to Offer Better Salaries to Their Low Income Workers -- Well, Sort of

McDonald's Protestors

By the end of 2016, fast-food giant McDonald's plans to increase their hourly wage to more than $10 an hour. But with the minimum wage at $9 an hour, is this enough?

Is it enough?

The move is being questioned by many who point to the $5.6 billion in profits McDonald's made last year. In addition, the $1 increase is a big gap between the much expected $15 an hour in pay that fast food workers have been trying for.

Although McDonald's is now going to include vacation benefits, further investigation uncovers the fact that both pay increases and vacation benefits only applies to the 10 percent of stores that McDonald's operates. This leaves the other 90 percent of workers at franchise stores out in the cold.

Publicity stunt?

McDonald's sales have dropped, causing the company to take actions such as bringing on board a new CEO and making some menu changes -- even all-day breakfast. But their actions so far have not impressed anyone. Certainly not McDonald's workers who continue to struggle with making ends meet on low wages. And also not workers advocate Christine Owens of the National Employment Law Project, who stated, "They are fighting for wages that can lift them out of poverty and support their families."

Seriously, $5.6 billion in profits and only $1 more for the workers without whom McDonald's would not be in business at all?? Come on McDonald's. You can do better than this!!

Read more at www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2015/04/01/mcdonalds-pay-raise-motivated-workers-sales-decline/70784978/

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