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Smart Low Income Students Would Have a Chance If It Weren't For This!

Low income student

One would like to think that high-performing, bright students, regardless of background or economic circumstances, would all have an opportunity to tap into advanced learning opportunities. Sadly, that is not the case. A recent study showed that state programs are failing low-income students.

Failure to motivate

According to a recent study by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, even state programs designed to create a level playing field in education for low-income students are failing. The foundation study recently found that states are still failing to provide programs that will encourage academic performance among low-income students. The study's title says it all: Equal Talents, Unequal Opportunities: A Report Card on State Support for Academically Talented Low-Income Students.

The impact

The situation poses a serious education problem among poor students. If students with high academic ability are not identified and nurtured from grade school all the way through high school, they will fall behind and not be able to reach their potential. It's called The Excellence Gap. Students from poor families are just not getting an equal opportunity for education excellence.

Not one state gets an "A" for their efforts

The study graded states on 18 indicators; nine state-level policies and nine specific measures of student outcomes were included. Not one state received an "A" for their programs. Why? The programs mostly benefit high-achieving students in wealthy school districts. It's a very sad state of affairs.

As the foundation's Executive Director Harold O. Levy explains it, "If states were to implement these common sense policies to close the Excellence Gap, we would unleash the potential of millions of bright young Americans whose natural talents and intelligence will shape our nation for generations to come."

To view the complete report, visit www.excellencegap.org/reportcard

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