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How President Obama is Pushing for More Low-Income Housing

Obama pushing for low income housing

Equal Opportunity For All was described by President Obama as "the defining issue of our time" during his 2012 State of the Union address. One area that highlights the segregation that still exists, and that is in housing. Low-income housing all too often exists only in low-income neighborhoods, which results in limited choices by low-income families as to where they can live. President Obama wants to change that.

How President Obama wants to eliminate segregation

President Obama is moving forward with regulations that would mandate building low-income housing in better neighborhoods. The new regulations would require city governments to look into segregation that might exist in their neighborhoods, and then create plans to address the problem. Doing so would make them eligible for certain funds under the regulations.

Where the money is coming from

Some of the grant money that city governments currently use to improve schools, parks and libraries in low-income urban areas would be offered as an incentive for city governments who use the funds to accommodate low-income housing in upper middle class residential areas. Without a doubt, the proposed regulations have come under fire by opponents who believe the regulations are unrealistic and represent more government control. Others feel the introduction of low-income housing is unfair to wealthier home owners whose home values could suffer as a result of the regulations.

Supporters, on the other hand, feel the regulations are a necessary step to get low-income families out of poverty. They also feel that the new regulations will help break up segregation in housing that continues to exist.

What do you think?

To read more, visit www.bizpacreview.com/2015/06/11/if-you-like-your-property-values-obamas-hud-pushing-low-income-housing-into-middle-class-areas-212842

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