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Why Half of All Low Income Couples Get Divorced

Low income couple

Many factors have affected the divorce rate over the last century, including the increase of cohabitation, women's movement and growing acceptance overall about divorce. But, according to a recent survey, the divorce rate is higher among low-income couples, especially those who did not complete high school.


According to the journal, Family Relations, half of marriages among those who did not complete high school end in divorce, compared to 30 percent of marriages among college graduates. Another big difference is that college-educated couples marry at a later date than those with no formal education, and young marriages are at a higher risk for failing than marriages at an older age.

Other contributing factors

Twice as many African-American women than African-American men are college graduates, making it more difficult for them to find their equal. Many times, they are the first in their family to get a college education, but their choices in a mate are slimmer than for white women with a college education.

Those who don't pursue a college education at all are also much more likely to be affected by joblessness, adding pressure to marriages that contribute toward divorce.

To read more, visit www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/11/divorce-rate-education-conversely-related-varies-by-race_n_2854790.html

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