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$15 Minimum Wage For Fast Food Workers in New York Approved

$15 Minimum Wage For Fast Food Workers in New York Approved

Raising the minimum wage has been an ongoing issue across the states. One industry that has pushed hard for a higher minimum wage is the fast-food industry. But it took one state to take that first step forward, and it was New York. The state has committed to gradually raise the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 an hour.

New York takes the first step

The increase was approved on September 10, 2015, by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The minimum wage will apply across the board, including fast-food workers. As the Governor stated, "Every working man and woman in the state of New York deserves $15 an hour." The focus has been on fast-food workers in particular over the years because the fast-food industry has more low-wage earners than any other industry.

When will it happen?

It will take New York City three years to phase in the new $15/hour minimum wage, while other parts of New York may take up to six years to fully implement the higher minimum wage. The effort has the support of both President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden. It will affect some 200,000 fast-food workers in New York.

Other states have taken similar steps to increase their minimum wage, but New York is the first state to increase the minimum wage this high. However, many concerns have already been raised as to the effect it might have in the way of higher product costs, job cuts and even putting some stores out of business.

Read more by visiting www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2015/09/11/ny-raises-minimum-wage-fast-food-workers/72049896/

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