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Job Simulators Helping Low Income Women Qualify For High-Paying Jobs


Construction is one industry that has very few women, but that doesn't mean women aren't interested or qualified for jobs. In fact, this field is an opportunity for women everywhere. One program in Iowa is using simulators to introduce low-income women to jobs in the construction field.

Simulators provide hands-on experience

The simulators are being provided through Iowa Workforce Development, IowaWORKS and Hawkeye Community College. The simulators are free and open to the public. Several simulators are available which mimic actual operations of bulldozers, excavators, road graders, loaders and welders -- all used in the construction industry. As Courtney Greene, director of communications for Iowa Workforce Development explained, “This will provide low-income women in Iowa hands-on experience ... (with) non-traditional occupations in the construction trades.”

Very Effective

The free program offers an effective way for low-income women to learn all about the operation of construction equipment and helps them become familiar with equipment controls. It even tells them how well they are doing on the simulator, and how much money they made for the company.

Walmart Foundation has donated $75,000 toward the program. The simulator program is designed to transition low-income women into the construction field. This field offers much potential for women; construction is the second-highest-paying industry for men in the Promise Jobs program. There is opportunity for women, too.

Promise Jobs program is Iowa's cash assistance program under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant. It provides work and training services for individuals in the Family Investment Program (FIP).

Read more at www.thegazette.com/subject/news/business/low-income-women-in-eastern-iowa-urged-to-check-out-job-simulators-20160125

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