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How One Utility Company Is Softening The Blow For Low Income Families

Low income residents

Rate increases in utilities is not welcomed by most customers, but imagine the impact on low income customers if prices triple. That is what is happening to about 3,500 Liberty Utilities customers in Texas. But collaboration between the city of Tyler, Texas and the utility company has resulted in a solution that will soften the blow to low income families in the service area.
Rates will triple

When residents received notice about their waste water bills increasing up to three times what it was, they protested. Their complaints to the Public Utility Commission of Texas was heard. The city of Tyler is working with representatives from Liberty Utilities on proposals that will soften the blow of the rate increases for low-income families affected.

Proposals being offered

Proposals so far have included phased-in rate increases that gradually increases rates over a period of time rather than all at once, and another proposal to offer an assistance program to low-income customers who qualify, which they currently offer to other low-income customers in other service areas.

All proposals will have to be approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission. In the meantime, customers will receive a second notice of the rate increase in February 2017. No rate increases will go into effect until after that date.

Kudos to both parties for trying to work out a resolution for low-income families. Makes you wonder why all cities and municipalities can't work together to help low-income families with increasing utility costs.

For more details about Liberty Utilities, visit www.libertyutilities.com

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