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Trump Wants to End Reproductive Healthcare for Millions of Low Income Women

Trump with women supporters

Another healthcare benefit for millions of low-income women may soon be abolished. The legislation that will stop federal funding and end these programs is called H.J. Res 43, and it was signed by President Trump on April 13, 2017, ending funding for health care providers who offer reproductive health and family planning services to millions of low-income women across the country.

The importance of federal funding

H.J. Res 43 eliminates 1) a regulation that enables Title X family planning grants to go to the most qualified health care providers, and 2) a regulation that prohibits states from preventing providers from receiving federal funds for reasons that are unrelated to their ability to provide healthcare services. Now that H.J. Res 43 has been signed into effect, states will be allowed to withhold Title X funding from reproductive healthcare providers.

Title X funding is financial support from the government for family health and reproduction services such as Planned Parenthood. Without Title X funding, these programs cannot survive.

More than reproductive healthcare

What many do not understand is that Title X funding also supports health services, offered through the same health care providers, such as birth control, cancer screenings, HIV testing and treatment referral, and testing for sexually transmitted infections. In 2015, more than 4 million individuals received services through more than 3,900 Title X-funded health centers. Now, 4 million Americans may have no where else to go to receive these health care services.


Is it discrimination? Many think so, including former President Obama. Obama issued a regulation in 2016 to prevent this discrimination. But Congress has the authority to undo regulations from past administrations. The Republicans have had their way, and it's a sad day for millions of low-income women across the country.

Read more at www.aclu.org/blog/speak-freely/reproductive-healthcare-millions-low-income-women-one-trump-signature-away-being

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