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Civil Rights Lawyer Says This Major Company Discriminates Against Low Income Households

AT&T is once again under fire for discrimination. This time, the charges are being filed by civil rights attorney Daryl Parks who filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of three black women from Cleveland claiming the company is discriminatory in their services to low-income neighborhoods.

Digital Redlining

AT&T is being accused of "redlining" in providing digital service to customers. The formal complaint states that AT&T has violated the Communications Act by “failing to serve the low-income, communities of color” in Cleveland.

Neighborhoods in poverty areas are being serviced by an outdated transmission mode but other suburbs in Cuyahoga County are getting more advanced fiber Internet service. The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) and Connect Your Community (CYC) refer to this practice as "digital redlining."

Paying for premium but not getting it

The three women involved in the suit claim they are paying for premium service but are getting extremely low download speeds on broadband access. One of the women spent $1,500 on a security system but can't use it because of the slow broadband speeds.

AT&T denies the claims, stating that where they provide premium service is "based on the cost of deployment and demand for our services" and not discrimination. Parks wants the FCC to impose fines on AT&T, who has not agreed to any mediation on the matter.

For more details about Daryl Park's law firm, visit www.parkscrump.com

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