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Lyft Commits $1.5 Million to Giving Free Rides to Low Income Families

Lyft, a ride-hailing company

Lyft, the popular ride-hailing company, is committed to helping people solve transportation issues. And now, they are extending an affordable transportation option to people from low income households. In fact, they recently pledged $1.5 million for a program called Relief Rides that will give free rides to low-income people.
"People need help beyond times of crisis," Lyft wrote in a blog post announcing its expansion of the Relief Rides program that initially allows people to ride for free during natural disasters or crises. "There are those with acute transportation needs every single day."

Lyft President John Zimmer said that the $1.5 million budget will be allocated for the free ride program that will benefit the low-income people and veterans who need transportation for trips to job interviews, doctor appointment, and the likes.

Though considered an underdog by some of its larger predecessors including Uber, Lyft has been gradually rising to the top. While Uber is being flocked by controversies lately, Lyft is gaining more riders and drivers.

Recently, Lyft added new cities in its routes and is now operating in all 50 states as well as Canada. Additionally, Lyft said that last year, the company serviced 375.5 million rides or 130 percent more than 2016.

Aiming to be of help to American citizens, Lyft has done other programs aside from the Relief Rides. For one, they have given free trips to the March for Our Lives protests against gun violence. They have also pledged multi-millions to absolve the carbon emissions caused by car exhaust.

Meanwhile, Lyft, through the Relief Rides program, has already given free trips to shelters and hospitals after Hurricanes Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida and after wildfires in Northern and Southern California. It did the same after the mass shooting in Las Vegas wherein they offered free rides to blood donation centers.

While it is not yet clear how low-income people and veterans can get free rides, Lyft has been working with local and national organizations in order to identify the specific needs of certain communities.

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