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Family Fun on a Budget -- 10 Fabulous Free Family Activities!

Family picnic

Every family encounters financial strain at one time or another, but you don’t have to let it put a damper on your family fun! Spend this weekend money-free with these free family activities that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

1. Nature walks

Take a walk around the block, or visit any nearby state parks. You can make it interactive with your children by bringing binoculars and trying to spot wildlife.

2. Visit the library

The library often contains more than just books. Many public libraries have free events that cater to parents with children, so take a look at any upcoming events at your nearest library.

3. Have a beach day

Though some beaches profit off parking fees, there are plenty of free beaches to visit. Make a day trip out of it - and don’t forget to grab your sunscreen.

4. Get creative in the kitchen

Get your cooking pants on, and bring your kids into the kitchen. This is an opportunity to teach your young ones about healthy living and the importance of homemade cuisine. After a lesson on why greens are not the enemy, challenge yourselves to make a delicious meal out of the items in your pantry and fridge. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll most likely make something halfway edible!

5. Use paper in fun ways

Paper projects can be delightful. Make some origami swans with your kids to decorate the house, or have a paper boat/airplane contest.

6. Make your own instruments

With some rice, duct tape, and solo cups, you and your little ones can become members of your very own band. Take it as far as you like, allowing your kids to invent new instruments using throw-away gadgets in the house. This is the perfect creative outlet for the whole family.

7. Get to volunteering

Kids are never too young to start giving back to their community, and the younger they start, the more likely they’ll carry those habits into adulthood.

8. Start reading

Why not catch up on some reading? Technology is a growing part of our lives, but the value of sitting down and taking a break from it is indispensable.

9. Start a scrapbook

Gather all of your memories and markers, and bind them together in an adorable scrapbook. It can be informal if you don’t have all the supplies for supreme fanciness. It’s the experience of making something together with your family that matters most.

10. Build a fort

No childhood is complete without at least one epic pillow and blanket castle. Invade your kids’ fort and play with the soft and fluffy pillows!

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