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5 Products Designed to Help Fight Poverty

Shoe That Grows

Poverty forces people around the world to go without basic needs such as water, warmth, and proper nutrition. As such, their health and even their education often suffer. However, many good-willed companies are working to change that. These products designed to help fight poverty have positive effects on impoverished neighborhoods all around the world.

The Shoe That Grows

Shoes provide important protection against injury and infections, which can occur when one walks across rugged and dirty surfaces. However, constantly buying new shoes to keep up with the quick rate at which children’s feet grow can be too expensive for some families. As a solution, the Shoe That Grows can be adjusted to expand up to five sizes and generally fits children ranging from ages 5 to 9.

Embrace Infant Warmer

Hypothermia is a common cause of infant death, especially in developing nations. To help keep babies warm, the Embrace Infant Warmer works as a portable incubator to regulate infants’ body temperature and keep them from getting too cold. Plus, the device is reusable and doesn’t require electricity.

Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish is designed to help combat iron deficiency, a widespread nutritional disorder that makes people feel tired and short of breath due to the lack of healthy red blood cells. To prevent this disorder, Lucky Iron Fish can be placed in a pot of boiling water or broth to infuse liquid-based dishes with additional iron.

Child Vision

Around the world, thousands of children have trouble learning in a classroom setting due to poor vision. However, access to eye exams and glasses can be extremely limited and costly in developing nations. Child Vision seeks to solve this concern by providing children with low-cost pairs of durable glasses that children can self-adjust until they’re able to see clearly.


Limited access to clean water is a serious issue that affects more than 35 percent of the world’s population. Fortunately, LifeStraw helps combat this issue by producing portable, low-cost water filtration devices. These “straws” provide 5 years’ worth of clean water by trapping bacteria and parasites as the user drinks.

Thanks to these products designed to help fight poverty, hundreds of people around the world now have access to life-saving resources such as food, water, and protection from the elements.

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