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Exercising on a Budget: Four Amazing Ways to Stay Healthy

People hiking in the mountains

Finding a great place to exercise that’s within your budget can be a trying experience. Read through this list of amazing ways to exercise on a budget, and you won’t have to worry about staying in shape or breaking the bank.

Take a Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Walking around the neighborhood can fit into anyone’s exercise budget, and it offers so much more than health benefits. Walking is the one of the best ways to get effective cardiovascular exercise, and it’s also a wonderful way for you (and your pets) to meet your neighbors and perhaps make some lasting relationships. Before you know it, you may even form a daily walking group.

Go Hiking at Local Parks

Most government-run nature areas are free and open to all, but many people are unaware of the scenic walking paths that may be near their homes. Find local walking paths that will allow you to see your town from a different perspective, or try something a little more adventurous by seeking out trails at a nearby national or state park. Walking these park paths could be an excellent excursion for your newly formed walking group, as well. The National Park Service website is the perfect place to find a national park near you, or you can contact your local park district for local options. Some national parks do require a fee, but you may want to explore the cost of an annual pass, which can be much cheaper than a monthly gym membership.

Use Social Media

We all love the countless hours of entertainment that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube provide. However, these platforms offer far more than a good laugh. YouTube has hundreds of free exercise videos that can really help you stay in shape on a budget. Try a beginner’s yoga routine or one of our personal favorites, Beginner Battle Rope Workout. This amazing full-body rope workout can be amended with bedsheets if your budget doesn’t have room for new equipment. Find the perfect workout video for you and save on the cost of an expensive gym membership.

Ask, Ask, Ask

If you really want the entire gym experience, nothing saves money like simply asking around. When you’re considering joining a gym, never be afraid to ask if they have lower introductory rates for new members. Ask around about local workout centers that are free or cheaper for residents. Many people don’t know they already pay for their membership just by being residents. Furthermore, some gyms allow active members to bring a workout buddy for free, so joining a friend is a great option, too. Please use any or all of our suggestions for exercising on a budget. Whatever route you take, don’t let your budget stop you from getting into shape this year.

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