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Five Ways Low Income Families Can Save Money on Electronics

Saving money on electronics and cell phones

Technology has become a prevalent—if not essential—aspect of modern society. Many people own multiple electronic devices and rely on them heavily to carry out their everyday activities. Purchasing such necessary devices, however, can be a significant financial burden on many people. To help offset the cost of expensive technological devices, consider these ways to save money on electronics.

Repair before replacing

To save money, try to make your electronics last as long as possible before replacing them. A great way to extend the life of your device is by making repairs when issues arise. Hiring someone to repair your device or purchasing replacement parts instead of buying an entirely new product could save you hundreds of dollars.

Don’t buy the latest model

The price of an older model is often much cheaper than that of the latest and greatest edition. However, the difference between the products is usually just a slight change in quality or aesthetic. Although the price tag will suggest otherwise, an older model will probably not significantly impact your user experience.

Buy at the right time

During certain times of the year, electronic prices drop significantly. November is an especially good time to purchase electronics due to the incredible sales offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The week after Christmas also typically offers good deals on technological devices. You should also keep an eye out for the release dates of new device editions—after a new model is released, the price of the older one will likely drop significantly.

Do your research

Before making an expensive electronic purchase, make sure to shop around. Comparing prices for different sellers online doesn’t take much time, and it can save you a ton of money. Certain companies may even price-match if you can find a cheaper item at another store.

Sell old electronics

When you’re ready to purchase a new electronic device, don’t just throw away your old one. If your device is still in good shape, you can sell it online or trade it in at certain companies to get a discounted price on a newer model. Even if your device doesn’t work anymore, it may still have valuable components that you can sell to electronic companies. Doing so will help you save money while keeping toxic electronic waste out of landfills.

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