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How To Save Money on Vacation


How To Save Money on Vacation

If you have an itch to go somewhere new, but don’t want to spend too much while you’re there, read on. There are plenty of ways to save cash while seeing the sights of your preferred destination. Sometimes it requires a small investment, some negotiating, or even an exchange of accommodations, but overall, you can still have your dream trip and return home with cash in your pocket. Here are a few great tips for how to save money on vacation.

Look for Travel Deals

The internet and plenty of apps can keep you informed and alerted about travel deals in real time. There are dozens of inexpensive flight newsletters that can keep you updated on ticket deals. Some might require payment of subscription dues, but you can recoup the loss on cheaper airline tickets. You can also set up alerts with different travel sites to let you know when prices have dropped to affordable levels. If you’re flexible and able to leave at any time, there are sites that will let you know about deals on travel, hotel stays, and so on at the last minute.

Look for Deals on Accommodations

Avoid money pits like timeshares, which can cost you dearly throughout the year just for the sake of a one-week stay. When booking a hotel, call the hotel directly and negotiate the rates for your stay with the clerk. Often, you can get discounts and deals that may not be available through a third-party website. That’s because the websites charge the hotels to use them, so they’d rather talk to you and make a deal. This also works for rental cars and other services, but hotels love to hear from you. Online marketplaces like Airbnb can, of course, provide cheaper rates than hotels, but sometimes not by much more. Look into house-sitting or a house-swapping exchange where, for a small fee, you can use or stay in a person's home in another state or country.

Plan and Cook Meals Yourself

Eating out is rarely inexpensive and getting all your meals at restaurants during a vacation can quickly add up. Bring the eating-at-home experience with you by finding a place with a kitchen, fridge, and food prep area. If you shop at local grocery stores and make all your meals yourself, the savings will add up. When you do eat, avoid tourist traps, and ask the locals about smaller eateries.

Look for Cheap Transportation

When considering how to save money on vacation, think about how you plan to get around. Renting a car, ridesharing, and cabbing everywhere is convenient but pricey. Most cities have public transportation systems that allow you to get around just as easily and at a fraction of the cost. Look into free and rental bicycle programs, which is both frugal and healthy. Finally, figure out walkable ways to see the sights. It’s more up close and personal and you only spend shoe leather!

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