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Cost-Effective Ways To Send Packages Through the Mail

Cost-Effective Ways To Send Packages Through the Mail

It can be a hassle to figure out the best method for shipping a package. Considering all the things you need to consider, you may be confused about your options. Knowing the most cost-effective ways to send packages through the mail will get the job done and save you money in the process.

The Specifics

The weight, dimensions, and destination of your item will determine how much it will cost to deliver. Regarding the weight, the heavier shipments will be more expensive, so knowing the best packing materials might cut some costs. Luckily, as you’ll read later, you have alternative options that may reduce your delivery expenses. Regarding dimensions, you may have to pay an upcharge for a box over one cubic foot. Therefore, measure your item to ensure that you will not pay the extra DIM weight cost.


If you are sending a heavier item, using a flat-rate box is a fantastic way to limit the price when sending your package. A weight limit of 70 pounds domestically allows you to fill the box with goods instead of sending multiple smaller shipments. You can also use a flat-rate box when sending items internationally, although the weight limit will be lower than that for domestic packages.

If you are a routine shipper, using a flat green rate allows for additional savings. The green rate will determine the delivery price based on the package’s dimensions, generating massive savings for heavier but smaller packages.

Time of Delivery

Unfortunately, the timeliness of your package affects the cost of the shipment. If there is no urgency with your delivery, you can forgo the priority mail options. Slower but less expensive options are your best bet when you are trying to save some money. The best way to combat any issues is to send your package early to ensure the intended recipient collects it in the proper timeframe.

Tracking & Insurance

It’s hard to ignore the importance of tracking and insuring your shipment. However, adding those extras might put the cost a bit too high. It’s possible that some mailing options already include both of these features, so make sure to go over all your available options.

Knowing the cost-effective ways to send packages through the mail eliminates stress before you even head to your local shipping station, so pick the best option that fits your needs.

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