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The Benefits of Owning a Manufactured Home


The Benefits of Owning a Manufactured Home

Affordable housing is essential, but it’s hard to come by for many people. Owning a home and land can set you up for financial stability and wealth, but you must start somewhere. The benefits of owning a manufactured home are about more than the cost. Find out what really makes this arrangement an all-around win.


Many people turn to manufactured homes to save money. They cost less than site-built models whether you buy one or build one. At about half the cost per square inch, you can find homes for about $60,000 to $150,000.

Value Appreciation

One thing that makes owning a manufactured home better than a site-built model is that it may increase in value. Manufactured homes are durable and easy to maintain. When you add them to a plot of land that you own, they increase in value. Market value is figured the same as it is for regular homes, which means you want to live in a good community and buy a quality house.

Customization Options

Like any home, you can customize your manufactured model. Shop different manufacturers to uncover variations on the style and design you prefer. Most companies offer a wide array of options or floor and wall colors. They also offer upgrades so you can truly make your space feel like home.

Fast Construction

Before you purchase one, it’s important to know how quality manufactured homes are made. Construction companies build them inside large warehouses without the risk of weather affecting them. Advancements in homebuilding allow these companies to produce better quality homes quickly.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Another reason manufactured homes are often cheaper than site-built ones is that they’re energy efficient. Most come with Energy-Star appliances and are well sealed, with good heating and cooling systems. Since they’re designed for budget living, they also help you save money on utilities.

Knowing the benefits of owning a manufactured home may influence you to start looking around. Have a plan for how you want to use your home to build wealth. Whether you build on, add special amenities, or place it in a special community, you should ensure your house is an equitable purchase that will support you for years to come.

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