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How To Avoid Tickets and Fines When Driving

How To Avoid Tickets and Fines When Driving

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you are out and about is receiving a ticket or fine. City and state laws vary, parking rules can change from street to street, and speed limits can change at the drop of a hat. Here’s how to avoid tickets and fines when driving in new areas and your own city.

Properly Display Disability Sticker

If you are driving with a disability, you need access to disabled parking. However, issues arise whenever your disability sticker is not correctly displayed. Some areas of the country are more relaxed when regulating these parking violations. This can lead to you forgetting to always use your sticker correctly. A fine because of this can be so frustrating because you are still supposed to be able to use the spot, but you forgot to display the sticker. You must adequately show these stickers when parking, and when driving, you need to take them down. This way, they will not interfere with visibility.

Research Local Laws

If you are travelling to an area you are not familiar with, one of the first things you must do is see if there are any legal differences between where you live. For example, in many urban cities there are bike lanes that you need to navigate carefully. In addition, there are some particular laws in place regarding merging, turning, and traffic lights, and breaking one of them can spell misfortune for your wallet. Some cities also have specific rules in place for parking on the side of the road or when you can park in front of businesses, so always be on top of this to avoid unnecessary fines.

Stay Under the Radar

It can be extremely challenging to keep track of all the laws where you go. To avoid potentially breaking one, you should be aware of everything you are doing when driving and where you are, but if you are unsure, you need to keep a low profile. For example, if you’re unsure of the speed limit, drive how everyone else is driving. If you are not sure about parking, go where everyone else is. Similarly, make your car have a low profile. A dirty vehicle with tinted windows, bumper stickers, and a personalized license plate will stick out, whereas a clean vehicle with nothing flashy will likely fly under the radar.

Knowing how to avoid tickets and fines when driving is an art form, but it is one that you can quickly master if you put in time and effort. You should have fun and get where you need to be when you drive. Following these tips will surely do that for you and save you the stress of a traffic ticket.

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