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4 Side Hustles You Can Do With a Pickup Truck


4 Side Hustles You Can Do With a Pickup Truck

If you’re the owner of a pickup truck, you’re in luck for a variety of side hustle opportunities. Pickup trucks provide cargo space to transport goods and deliver other services. If you have a pickup truck with a secure bedliner, you have the potential to supplement your income from a profitable side gig. Read to learn about four side hustles you can do with a pickup truck to supplement your income, bulk up your savings, and make the most out of your truck.

Junk Hauling

The advantage of a pickup truck is the space provided to haul items. Businesses and organizations dispose of big items like office equipment or furniture and require a delivery service to haul them to a waste site. Junk hauling is also a profitable service to offer to people moving or making estate sales.

Truck Wrapping

A side hustle that maximizes your wallet with minimal effort is truck wrapping. Truck wrapping means you cover the body of your pickup truck with advertisements for companies or local businesses. If you regularly commute, especially through highly populated cities, consider a side hustle as a pickup truck billboard.

Hotshot Trucking

Hotshot truck is a specialized form of delivery where you’re responsible for transporting time-sensitive products. There are a lot of time-sensitive products that require smaller loads or short distances that businesses don’t want to invest in. When you volunteer your pickup for hotshot trucking jobs, you’ll have to hitch a float trailer to your vehicle to maximize your services.

Snowplowing Services

If your normal income slows in the winter, consider using your pickup as a snowplowing service. Living in an area that receives a lot of snow guarantees business each season. The job requires you to invest in a snowplow to attach to your pickup truck, but the investment pays itself off each winter season.

Pickup truck side hustles provide flexible hours to make extra cash or supplement your normal income. A pickup truck serves the needs of your daily commute, but can also give you an opportunity to serve other businesses and supplement your earnings. If you’re considering taking on a second job or looking for contract work, consider employing your pickup truck to pick up a side hustle.

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