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Why Connecticut Should Be on Your List of States To Move To


Why Connecticut Should Be on Your List of States To Move To

Connecticut is not a state people usually name when trying to name the top US states for living. While New York, California, Texas, and Florida often make the list, Connecticut doesn’t often show up. If you are planning on moving but Connecticut isn’t on your radar, you should start thinking of it more. Continue reading to learn why Connecticut should be on your list of states to move to, whether you are retiring or just looking for a change.

Plenty of Activities

Connecticut is one of the more active states in the country. You can explore and play around in a wide array of state parks and forests. Connecticut is great for camping, hiking, and taking a small stroll to have a little picnic in the park with some friends and family. The state also has an incredibly scenic coastline to explore, and you can even take a boat out on the coast or the Connecticut river.

Outside of outdoor activities, Connecticut also has the largest casino in the US, multiple sports stadiums, and some terrific seasonal events and carnivals. Whatever time of the year, there’s something to do in Connecticut.

The Seasons

One aspect of Connecticut that makes it a wonderful state to live in is the seasonal diversity. While many states exist in climate zones that only experience one or two seasons a year, Connecticut has four distinct seasons. Even in the harsher seasons, it still feels great to stand outside and enjoy the weather. No season is compromised in Connecticut. You will get warm summers, golden falls, snowy winters, and flowery springs.

Easy Living

Another reason that Connecticut is a great state to live in is that it is simply easy to live there. The state has some terrific housing options, both on the cheaper and more expensive side, and there’s also great infrastructure. Roads, rails, and bus links are well developed and available so you can freely and easily move around the state.

The state also has a lot of historic districts, shopping centers, and art and music venues. In Connecticut, you decide the lifestyle you want—the state is sure to offer what you are looking for, making life there simple.

Great Place for Senior Citizens

Connecticut is a great state for senior citizens who have retired or just want a simpler way of life. In addition to all the reasons listed above, Connecticut offers streamlined and efficient services for senior citizens, such as renewing a Connecticut handicap parking placard online. This makes living in Connecticut as a senior citizen helpful and convenient.

If you’re looking to move, Connecticut should be on your list of states to move to. Whether you are retiring or simply want a change, Connecticut can offer you many wonderful things.

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