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Money-Saving Ways to Spend Less on Car Repairs

Money-Saving Ways to Spend Less on Car Repairs

In parts and labor expenses, auto repairs can end up costing car owners thousands of dollars each year. According to Liberty Mutual, most households spend an average of $817 on vehicle repairs annually. This number can increase greatly for those who own older vehicles, which may experience more significant issues such as blown motors or failed transmissions that can cost thousands of dollars to repair—that’s a serious unexpected dent in your bank account. If frequent or expensive vehicle maintenance is draining your wallet, consider trying out these money-saving ways to spend less on car repairs.

Practice preventative vehicle maintenance

Many car issues can be prevented by practicing proper maintenance. As such, the most effective way to save money on car repairs is to vehicle prevent issues from arising in the first place.
Don’t wait until your car’s warning icons come on or your engine starts making weird noises to give it the care and attention that it deserves. Spending a couple hundred dollars on proper car maintenance each year is a much more economical option than thousands of dollars on preventable repairs.
Examples of regular maintenance that you should perform on your vehicle include getting regular oil changes, periodically replacing brake pads, and properly inflating your tires to the recommended level.

Do it yourself

Another money-saving way to spend less on car repairs is to do them yourself. While certain car repairs should only be performed by a professional mechanic, there are many car body repairs that you can complete yourself.
Simple repairs such as pulling out dents, replacing brake lights, or touching up paint are doable for many car owners with basic mechanic skills. Before attempting DIY car body repair, make sure to prepare properly and do necessary research to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

Do your research to get the lowest price

When your car requires the aid of an experienced mechanic, don’t just take it to the nearest autobody shop you can find. Doing your research and comparing prices at different shops could help you save a significant chunk of change.
In some cases, mechanics may inflate their prices or try to charge you for unnecessary repairs. As such, you should always get a second quote from another mechanic—ideally an independently owned local shop. Unless your vehicle is under warranty, independently owned auto shops typically offer the best deals and are more likely to offer discounts than dealerships.

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