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How to Save Money When Expecting Your First Baby

How to Save Money When Expecting Your First Baby

Babies are not cheap, and if you’re expecting, you probably already know this. There are so many facets and costs that add up, but they’re the sort of thing that you need to spend money on to keep your baby safe, healthy, and loved. That said, there are smart ways you can cut costs while still providing for your child. Take a look below to see how to save money when expecting your first baby.

Buy Secondhand

There are quite a few baby items you should buy used, and it’s not nearly as off-putting as it sounds. Take clothes, for example—your baby is going to grow out of onesies very fast. If you spend money on new clothes at full price, then you’re going to end up spending way more money than you need to. At the very least, buy secondhand baby clothes, but you can further that by purchasing used toys, highchairs, and even strollers!

See If Your Employers Offer Perks

If you can, see what your (and your partner’s) HR department can do for you. A lot of new parents are unaware of the ways their employers can help them save money with the different programs they offer. For example, a lot of employers will offer some sort of employer-provided Dependent Child Flexible Savings Account so that you can use pre-tax money to pay for childcare. There may be a lot of ways your employers want to support you—you just have to do a bit of research.

Follow Smart Diaper Buying Tips

Diaper costs add up, and that can be a scary price tag for new families. Though there aren’t many ways around it—unless you go the cloth route—there are ways you can save a bit of money on them. Try not to buy diapers at full price; you can almost always get them on sale. Also, don’t get stuck using only one diaper brand. Compare prices from at least three different places and brands before buying to see which sale is the best for your budget.

Choose Convertible When You Can

We’re not talking about the car here. Rather, we’re talking about the money-saving power of buying convertible baby goods. Choosing a crib that converts to a toddler bed is essential, as it can save you loads of money. There are tons of products that will grow with your child so that you don’t always have to buy a new item. Research and ask for 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 options.

Get the Bare Minimum

New parents tend to fall into the trap of purchasing everything and anything they think they might need. That’s understandable, but it’s also not necessary. With how quickly you can get items delivered to your door, you don’t need to stock up on every single little thing. Save some of the shopping for after the baby arrives to better gauge what’s necessary!

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