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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall on a Budget


Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall on a Budget

Homeowners sometimes sacrifice style and comfort to save some money. However, pinching pennies shouldn’t keep you from designing the home of your dreams. While fancy art prints might seem too luxurious, decorating your space with artistic masterpieces is more attainable than you think. Here are some tips for creating a gallery wall on a budget.

Prioritize Frames

The easiest way to upgrade your wall décor is to prioritize frames. The art itself is important, but this essential component can take a drab-looking area and make it pop! A boring frame can make a delightful piece look dull, while an exciting frame can make even the most simple artwork look incredible. You don’t need to break the bank purchasing high-quality frames; check out estate sales, thrift stores, and online retailers for the best deals.

Hang Textiles

Don't limit yourself to traditional wall art if you want to create a gallery wall on a budget. Do you have any bold fabrics with complex patterns looking for space in your home? Hanging textiles is a great way to diversify your collection without spending money on luxury canvases. Frame what you already have around a neutral background to add texture and personality to your art wall.

Go Thrifting

There’s no better way to find unique art on a budget than heading to a thrift store. Consignment shops and other sellers of gently-used products collect high-quality pieces and sell them for a fraction of the price. The amount of beautiful, one-of-kind masterpieces you can find digging through their inventory can be surprising. Don’t count thrift stores out when looking for prints; these canvases are sometimes more eye-catching than an expensive work of art.

Create Your Own Art

If all else fails, create your own art and display it for friends and family to admire. Teaching yourself basic art hacks is easy with a quick internet search. You can even involve your loved ones and design a gallery wall filled with their creative expressions. Making your own art can go a long way in how you make your house a home.

As you can see, it’s possible to curate an art collection without hurting your wallet. Accessorize your home with affordable décor and transform your space into your ideal vision.

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